Đề số 5 - Đề kiểm tra giữa kì 2 - Tiếng Anh 9 mới

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Đề bài

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. spread                 B. cream                      C. bread                      D. head

2. A. exotic                 B. erode                      C. checkout                 D. decision

3. A. variety                B. bilingual                  C. derivative               D. dialect

II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.

4. A. breathtaking       B. safari                       C. traveller                  D. sightseeing

5. A. curry                   B. garnish                    C. gravy                      D. shallot

6. A. dominance          B. bilingual                  C. official                    D. confusion

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

7. You may have had certain eating habits for so long that you do not __________they are unhealthy.

A. recognize                B. realize                     C. understand                         D. tell

8. You___________vegetables or fruits when you want to eat them. It means that you cut away their skin.

A. peel                         B. chop                        C. steam                      D. grate

9. Such__________as sugar, sugarcane, and coconut water are mostly used in Southern Vietnamese food than in Northern and Central Viet Nam.

A. dishes                     B. courses                    C. ingredients              D. menus

10. If I feel hungry in the afternoon, I__________ snacks like fresh carrots.

A. would have            B. had                         C. had had                  D. may have

11. _________domestic and foreign tourism will create demand for additional hotels and motels.

A. Increase                  B. Increased                C. Increasing               D. Increasingly

12. Con Dao has not only prisons but also __________natural landscapes.

A. surprising                B. shocking                 C. stunning                  D. extreme

13. There isn't _________airport near where I live.__________nearest airport is 70 miles away.

A. an – A                    B. an – The                  C. the – A                   D. the – The

14. If the rooms were bigger, we _________larger furniture.

A. will buy                  B. bought                    C. would buy              D. had bought

15. A snake or a spider is the animal_________ she'd like to keep as a pet.

A. where                     B. what                       C. that                         D. when

16. Practice is the perfect way, _________ the matter is that how we practise it correctly.

A. but                          B. and                         C. and                         D. so

17. This is a great way to practise ___________because you only need to concentrate on your voice.

A. grammar                 B. pronunciation         C. vocabulary              D. writing       

18. We should do interesting activities in English, and using it to talk about things we enjoy will make practising a __________experience.

A. negative                  B. awful                      C. funny                      D. positive

V. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

The survey of eating habits was (19)_________ in Ho Chi Minh City by a group of Japanese nutritionists in order to understand the changes of eating environments and habits accompanying with the economic growth after the war in Viet Nam.

The surveys were made in 2002 and 2006. In the survey in 2002, the Vietnamese surely took three meals a day without taking any snacks. They mainly took (20)_________ like rice, bread, noodles and some vegetables. But the (21) _________of oils and fats and milk products was rare. It is like (22)________ of Japan in several decades ago.

In the survey in 2006, the changes in eating habits were observed. (23) _________the rising of their concern on eating, they rarely took food late at night. The variety and frequency of food was increased. The intake (24)_________ snacks was also increased. These changes are (25) _________to have been caused by the change in their attitude towards eating due to the change in lifestyle and those changes had been observed in Japan. More rapidly, however, they were in Viet Nam.

19. A. behaved            B. carried                    C. conducted              D. made

20. A. basics                B. proteins                   C. staples food            D. staples

21. A. processes          B. intake                      C. production              D. amount

22. A. that                   B. what                       C. those                       D. which

23. A. Together with   B. Because                  C. Despite                   D. Due to

24. A. in                      B. of                            C. on                           D. with

25. A. thought             B. found                      C. considered              D. regarded

VI. Read the passage and identify whether the statements are true (T), or false (F).

Son Doong Cave in Viet Nam - Good Morning America

Son Doong Cave and Swallow Cave (En Cave) were recorded and broadcast on Good Morning America - a programme of ABC Television (USA). By being broadcast on Good Morning America (ABC Television), Son Doong Cave would be introduced widely to international travellers.

This is a good chance for Quang Binh tourism to promote the image of Son Doong – the biggest cave in Viet Nam – to travellers around the world. Therefore, the film crew worked in the most favourable conditions. The programme was directly broadcast on satellite in May 2015.

The cave is a part of the underground system connecting over 150 other caves in Viet Nam near Viet Nam - Lao border with many caves such as Phong Nha Cave.

Son Doong Cave is compared equally to Mount Everest in terms of attraction. The biggest natural cave in the world is appreciated to be an interesting destination for a several-day tour, including exploring underground rivers, caves and camping... The overwhelming natural landscapes inside Son Doong Cave create an attraction by majestic and magnificent scenes. It takes months to end up a cave's round. In addition, the condition to join tours in Son Doong Cave is extremely high. Adventurers must be in good mental and physical health to conquer the cave. Son Doong, the biggest cave in Viet Nam, along with other attractions in Quang Binh, is an attractive destination for travelers, especially those who are fans of natural exploration. The first exploration tour was held in early August 2013. The first tour consisted of 6 people from the US, Russia, Australia, and Norway. They underwent 7 days and 6 nights to explore Son Doong Cave. There are a large number of tourists registering for next tours since then.

26. Thanks to the programme of Good Morning America on ABC Television, a large number of people around the world will know Son Doong Cave. 

27. The film crew making the programme about the cave met a lot problems from the local authorities. 

28. There are many caves in Quang Binh province but Son Doong Cave may be the most well known. 

29. The number of people climbing Mount Everest is the same as that exploring Son Doong Cave. 

30. The exploration tour of Son Doong Cave is so hard that it requires tourists to have good physical and mental health. 

VII. Write the sentences with the same meaning to the first ones. Use words given.

31. We won’t eat fruits and vegetables. We will have health problems. (If)


32. Nick is my classmate. I've known him for a long time. (who)


33. We leave a bit too late, so we can't visit Vy on the way. (left)


34. Think/ English/ thing you/ practice/ all/ time/ because it/ really important/ when/ speak/ English.


--------------------THE END--------------------

Đáp án


Thực hiện: Ban chuyên môn HocTot.Nam.Name.Vn

31. If we don’t eat fruits and vegetables, we will have health problems.

32. Nick, who I’ve known for a long time, is my classmate.

33. If we left a bit early, we could visit Vy on the way.

34. Think in English the thing you pratice all the time because it is really important when you speak English.

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