Đề số 3 - Đề kiểm tra giữa kì 2 - Tiếng Anh 9 mới

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Đề bài

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.


A. sprinkle              

B. drain                      

C. tender                    

D. garnish


A. imitate               

B. translate                 

C. phrase                    

D. language


A. explore              

B. exotic                     

C. explain                   

D. excuse

II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.


A. celery                 

B. marinate                 

C. versatile                 

D. mayonnaise           


A. punctual            

B. flexible                  

C. openness                

D. specific


A. establishment    

B. derivative              

C. population             

D. simplicity

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

7. You should___________the sauce you have prepared to be sure that it is not spicy.

A. taste                       

B. cook                       

C. touch                     

D. smell

8. We haven't got__________ more bread. Would you like _________biscuits with your cheese?

A. any – any               

B. any – some            

C. some – any            

D. some - some

9. Common eating habits that can lead to___________ are: eating too fast, eating when not hungry, eating while standing up, and skipping meals.

A. gain weight           

B. weight gain            

C. put on weight        

D. be heavy

10. Despite the differences in cuisine of each region, there are similarities, such as the__________for main meals – rice, ways of adding fish sauce, herbs and other flavors.

A. staple                     

B. basic                      

C. foundation             

D. necessity

11. If my mother goes home late this evening, my father________________.

A. will cook               

B. would cook           

C. had cooked            

D. is cooking

12. For people in Cam Thanh Commune near Hoi An, the coconut wetlands provide fisheries, a beautiful area for __________as well as an ideal refuge for boats during heavy storms.

A. tourist                    

B. tour                       

C. tourism                  

D. tour guide

13. What do you think of _________public transport in ___________Ha Noi?

A. x - x                      

B. a – a                       

C. a - x                                   

D. the – x

14. __________is popular with tourist of young age because they travel with minimum luggage and on a limited budget.

A. Backpack              

B. Backpacking          

C. Backpacker            

D. Go backpacking

15. We __________her if we had her address.

A. email                      

B. will email               

C. would email           

D. should email

16. 2005 was the year __________there was a big earthquake in Indonesia.

A. which                    

B. where                     

C. who                                   

D. when

17. When you _____________a new English word or phrase, make a note of it!

A. come across           

B. come back             

C. come into               

D. come on

18. Trying to use a __________dictionary less and switching to a monolingual one can help you to stop translating in your head when you are speaking or listening.

A. biannual                 

B. bicentenary            

C. bi-monthly             

D. bilingual

19. Are you someone who can read and write well in English but cannot speak ___________?

A. fluent                     

B. fluently                  

C. fluency                  

D. a fluency

20. If you get __________when speaking, take two deep breaths before you say something.

A. annoyed                

B. nervous                  

C. pleased                  

D. unwilling

IV. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

English is the most important in the world today. A very large (21)________ of people understand and use English in many countries of the world.

Indeed English is a very useful language. If we speak English we can go to any place or country we like. We shall not find it hard to (22) ________people understand what we want to say.

English also helps us to learn all kinds of subjects. Hundreds of books are published in English every day in many countries to teach people many useful things. The English language has, (23)__________, helped to spread ideas and knowledge to all the corners of the world. There is no subject that cannot be taught in English.

As English is used so much everywhere in the world, it has helped to make the countries in the world friendlier. The leaders of the world use English (24) ________one another. The English language has also helped to spread better understanding and friendship among countries of the world.

Lastly, a person who knows English is respected by people. It is for all these (25) ________that I want to learn English.


A. few                  

B. deal                        

C. amount                  

D. number


A. get                   

B. let                          

C. persuade                

D. make


A. however          

B. therefore                

C. athough                 

D. otherwise


A. understand      

B. understanding       

C. to understand        

D. understood


A. reasons            

B. causes                    

C. effects                   

D. results

V. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Free and Easy

In the past, getting recipes and cooking tips was a complicated process. A person had to go to the store and buy a cook book, or get recipes from friends. Fortunately, the Internet has changed all that. Now, if you want to find a recipe for lasagne or Cobb salad, you just search online. It couldn't be simpler.

Cooking blogs are a great source of information because they are free and there are so many of them. They are also nice because they give all different kinds of ideas. The problems with blogs is that because we don't know who is writing them, we need to use with caution. When you are looking at a new blog, you don't know if the writer knows what he or she is talking about.

We'd like to introduce two popular cooking blogs. The first is called Smitten Kitchen. This website is run by a family living in New York City. It focuses on food that doesn't require many ingredients. If you want to make food that is simple but wonderful, then this is the site for you. It offers hundreds and hundreds of recipes, divided into categories. You will be amazed at how many there are.

Wednesday Chef is another great cooking blog. It is run by a writer who lives in Berlin. This blog also offers many recipes, along with recommendations for great restaurants in Berlin, and advice for people who want to start their own blogs. Wednesday Chef has great pictures of its food, as well as interesting pictures of Berlin. The blog got its name because in the past, newspapers published their food articles on Wednesdays.

There are a lot of cooking blogs on the Internet, and most of them are pretty good. Go online and check some of them out. You might be surprised at how much they can help you improve your cooking.

26. How did Wednesday Chef get its name?

A. The writer only posts recipes on Wednesdays.

B. The writer only cooks on Wednesdays.

C. The writer was born on a Wednesday.

D. Newspapers used to publish food articles on Wednesdays.

27. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of cooking blogs?

A. There are many of them.                           

B. Everyone who writes them is an expert.

C. They are free.                                            

D. They give a lot of different ideas.

28. Who runs the blog Smitten Kitchen?

A. A family in New York.                             

B. A woman in New York.

C. A family in Berlin.                                   

D. A woman in Berlin.

29. What does the passage say about Smitten Kitchen?

A. It only gives recipes on Italian food.        

B. It focuses on simple recipes.

C. It only offers a few recipes.                      

D. Most of the food on that blog is hard to make.

30. Why should we be careful when we are looking at new blogs?

A. We don't know who the writers are.

B. Most new blogs are terrible.

C. The recipes on new blogs are usually hard to make.

D. They charge you some fees to get the recipes.

VI. Write the sentences with the same meaning to the first ones. Use words given.

31. You don’t sleep eight hours every night. You will feel moody. (If)


32. The rescue operation was arranged by a charity organisation. It was a success. (which)


33. People in the world don't speak the same language, so there are problems in communication. (spoke)


34. In universities/ colleges/ English-speaking countries/ primary language/ instruction/ English.


--------------------THE END--------------------

Đáp án


Thực hiện: Ban chuyên môn HocTot.Nam.Name.Vn

31. If you don’t sleep eight hours every night, you will feel moody.

32. The rescue operation which was a success was arranged by a charity organisation.

33. If people in the world spoke the same language, there wouldn’t be problems in communication.

34. In universities and colleges in English-speaking countries, the primary language of instruction is English.

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