Đề cương ôn tập bài tập học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh 9 mới

Đề cương ôn tập các câu hỏi trắc nghiệm và tự luận theo từng chủ điểm ngữ pháp sách giáo khoa Tiếng Anh 9 mới, giúp học sinh luyện tập và nắm chắc toàn bộ kiến thức đã học.

Đề bài

Exercise 1. Fill in each blank with “a/an/some/any”.

1. Have you heard ________ news about the accident on the main road?

2. It is a pity that I don’t have________ camera now.

3. My brother would like________ orange juice.

4. I realized that________ strange man was following me.

5. Would you like________ cup of coffee?

6. There is________ glimmer of hope that Mary will recover from her illness.

7. I don’t have________ pets. I wish I had one.

8. I think________ black dress is not suitable for you.

9. Jim has made________ good impression on his new co-workers.

10. It was________ great honor to receive the reward.

11. Mary claimed that she didn’t have________ unique talents.

12. I don’t want________ more vegetables.

13. ________ people find it difficult to learn a foreign language.

14. There aren’t________ oranges left in the fridge so we decided to go shopping for_______.

15. Dayid doesn’t have________ expectations of his future career.

Exercise 2. Fill in each bank with “a/an/ the/Ø”.

1. After having ________ breakfast, we went out for________ walk in________ local park.

2. Watch out! Do not sit on________ bench. It has been painted recently.

3. My father often takes me to________ cinema on________ Sunday.

4. Yesterday________ Prime Minister gave a speech in front of his people.

5. Jim is always staying in________ bed until lunch time when he doesn’t have to go to ________school.

6. The robber was sent to________ prison for five years.

7. My brother has got________ new job and in________ next few years he will live far from home.

8. Mr. Brown always water his trees in________ morning.

9. As________ little boy, I wished to be________ hero but now I just want to be________ normal person with________ decent job.

10. Although I had worked in________ France for 3 years, I could hardly speak French.

11. What has been done so far to protect________ environment?

12. In________ future, I hope I have a chance to visit________ Red Sea.

13. Jim and his co-workers are planning an expedition to________ Mount Everest next year.

14. My brother owns________ cat and________ dog. Unfortunately,_______ cat seems to hate ________ dog and they never lives in harmony with each other.

Exercise 3. Fill in each blank with the correct relative pronoun “who, whom, which, whose, where, when”.

1. Can you give me back the money ________ I lent you last month?

2. This is the restaurant________ we used to eat when we lived in Boston.

3. Mark has sent me an e-mail________ I haven’t replied yet.

4. Who’s the person________ is sitting next to Nancy?

5. They complained about the wrong goods________ were sent to them.

6. This is Susan________ husband works in the sales department

7. Candy is wearing a new dress________ she bought in the summer sales.

8. Monday is the day ________ bills have to be paid.

9. The secretary showed me the filing cabinet________ important documents are filed.

10. Do you like the boy________ Mary is talking to?

11. We enjoyed the party ________ Peter and Pam had to celebrate Christmas.

12. Are you the person________ applied for a job as a receptionist?

13. Is this the pub________ you meet your friends?

14. You have to delete the sheet________ is repeated.

15. April is the month ________ we have Easter holiday in Spain.

Exercise 4. Complete conditional sentences type 1 and type 2 with the correct form of verbs.

1. If I were you, I (learn)______________now.

2. If Chuck______________(ask) us, we would lend him our books.

3. If they______________(be) at home, they will learn my words.

4. If Jack has a new DVD, he______________(lend) it to Cindy.

5. If Bill washed the car, he______________(get) more pocket money.

6. If you______________(come), you would meet them.

7. If we go to London, we ______________(see) Buckingham Palace.

8. Jenny will help you if she______________(have) more time.

9. Sandy______________(tell) him If he asked her.

10. I______________(wash) my hands if he gives me the soap.

11. If the g hosts passes through the door, she______________ (scream).

12. If we ______________ (swim) a lot, we would win the competition.

13. The Zongs will travel to the USA if they______________(win) in the lottery.

14. If you______________(run), you would catch the bus.

15. If Tessy has enough money, she______________(buy) some dresses.

Exercise 5. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of verb in simple past or past perfect.

1. She (feel) _____________ sick after she (eat) _____________ a whole box of chocolates.

2. After the doctor (examine) _____________ the child he (have) _____________ a talk with the mother.

3. When I (call) _____________ on my friend, he (go) _____________ out.

4. Mary (finish) _____________ her homework when her father (come) _____________ home from his office.

5. I (throw) _____________ away the newspaper after I (read) _____________ it.

6. After she (spend) ___________ all her money she (ask) ___________ her father to help her.

7. The teacher (give) __________ back the exercise books after he (correct) __________ them.

8. The sun (rise) _____________ when the farmer (start) _____________ work.

Exercise 6. Change the following sentences into passive.

1. Jane will buy a new computer.


2. Her boyfriend will install it.


3. Millions of people will visit the museum.


4. Our boss will sign the contract.


5. You will not do it.


6. They will not show the new film.


7. He won’t see Sue.


8. They will not ask him.


9. Will the company employ a new worker?


10. Will the plumber repair the shower?


Exercise 7. Combine the following sentences with the suitable relative pronouns.

1. AI Gore gave a long and boring speech. He won the Nobel Prize.


2. Starbucks wants to open new stores in China. It does business all over the world.


3. Social network sites will definitely change business. They are very popular.


4. Scientists are working with stem cells. Stem cells will revolutionize medicine.


5. Last week, Jim Taylor interviewed Sally Thomson. She is my neighbour.


6. Mr Brown has been invited to join our club. He enjoys going to the theatre.


7. Whiting House is an important local monument. It was built in 1856.


8. Bono signed autographs at Tower Records yesterday. He’s a famous musician.


9. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. He was president of the USA.


10. The Queen will open a new hospital. It is in Jarvis street.


Exercise 8. Fill in each blank with “although/ despite”.

1._________________ we are a small company, we sell almost a hundred machines a month.

2. _________________ all the difficulties, the project started on time and was a success.

3. _________________ we were warned against doing so, we went ahead with the project.

4. _________________ his lack of experience, he became a successful businessman.

5. ________________ being by far the oldest player, he scored three goals.

6. _________________he’s a millionaire, he drives a second-hand car.

7. _________________ it rained a lot I enjoyed the holiday.

8. _________________ working for the company for six months now, he never seems to know what to do.

9. _________________ my warnings, he went to Colombia.

10. _________________ she didn’t want to see The lord of the Rings, she enjoyed it in the end.

11. ________________ being bad at pool, she beat him three times in a row.

12. She decided to go a broad for a year _________________ loving her boyfriend very much.

13. We went on holiday to Thailand _________________ the expensive airfare.

14. I phone my brother in Thailand using Skype nearly every day _________________ the time difference.

15. The best things in life are free, _________________ love is often very expensive.

Exercise 9. Give the correct form of verbs in the brackets with V-ing or to infinitive.

1. I intend ______________ to Brazil in August. (go)

2. I arranged ______________ my vacation during the last two weeks. (take)

3. I considered ______________ to Venezuela or Argentina first. (go)

4. But I decided ______________ them for next year. (leave)

5. The government has demanded me ______________ a visa to go to Brazil. (get)

6. That involved ______________ in a long line at the consulate. (stand)

7. I didn’t mind ______________ the $fee. (pay)

8. But I hate ______________ in lines. (wait)

9. I also detest ______________ passport photos. (get)

10. I really want ______________ the country, so I did it. (see)

11. I haven’t begun ______________ yet. (pack)

12. I’ll start soon because I can’t stand ______________ in a rush. (pack)

13. I remembered ______________ my neighbor to take care of my dog. (ask)

14. He doesn’t really mind ______________ behind. (stay)

15. But he always loves ______________ us come back! (see)


----------------THE END----------------

Lời giải chi tiết

Exercise 1. 

1. any

2. a

3. some

4. a

5. a

6. a

7. some

8. any

9. a

10. a

11. any

12. any

13. Some

14. any

15. any

 Exercise 2. 

1. Ø – a – the

2. the

3. the - Ø

4. the

5. Ø - Ø

6. Ø

7. a - Ø

8. the

9. a – a – a – a

10. Ø

11. the

12. the - Ø

13. the

14. a – a- the – the


 Exercise 3. 

1. which

2. where

3. which

4. who

5. which

6. whose

7. which

8. when

9. where

10. who/whom

11. which

12. who

13. where

14. which

15. when

 Exercise 4. 

1. would learn

2. asked

3. are

4. will lend

5. would get

6. came

7. will see

8. has

9. would tell

10. will wash

11. will scream

12. swam

13. win

14. ran

15. will buy

 Exercise 5. 

1. felt – had eaten

2. had examined - had

3. called – had gone

4. had finished - came

5. threw – had read

6. had spent - asked

7. gave – had corrected

8. had risen – started  

 Exercise 6. 

1. A new computer wil be bought by Jane.

2. It will be installed by her boyfriend.

3. The museum will be visited by milllions of people.

4. The contract will be signed by our boss.

5. It won’t be done.

6. The new film won’t be shown.

7. Sue won’t be seen.

8. He won’t be asked.

9. Will a new worker be employed by the company?

10. Will the shower be repaired by the plumber?

Exercise 7. 

1. AI Gore, who won the Nobel Prize, gave a long and boring speech.

2. Starbucks, which does business all over the world, wants to open new stores in China.

3. Social network sites which are very popular will definitely change business.

4. Scientists are working with stem cells which/that will revolutionize medicine.

5. Last week, Jim Taylor interviewed Sally Thomson, who is my neighbour.

6. Mr Brown, who enjoys going to the theatre, has been invited to join our club.

7. Whiting House, which was built in 1856, is an important local monument.

8. Bono, who is a famous musician, signed autographs at Tower Records yesterday.

9. John F. Kennedy, who was president of the USA, was assassinated in 1963.

10. The Queen will open a new hospital which is in Jarvis street.

Exercise 8. 

1. Although

2. Despite

3. Although

4. Despite

5. Despite

6. Although

7. Although

8. Despite

9. Despite

10. Although

11. Despite

12. despite

13. despite

14. despite

15. although

 Exercise 9. 

1. to go

2. to take

3. going

4. to leave

5. to get

6. standing

7. paying

8. waiting

9. getting

10. to see

11. packing/ to pack

12. packing

13. to ask

14. staying

15. seeing










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