Tổng hợp 5 đề thi giữa học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 9 mới có đáp án

Tải về

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question. III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences. V. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage. VI. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Lựa chọn câu để xem lời giải nhanh hơn

Đề 1

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. grate                   B. staple                      C. marinate                  D. shallot

2. A. explore               B. expedition              C. resort                      D. environment

3. A. massive               B. immersion               C. imitate                    D. variety

II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.

4. A. recipe                  B. tablespoon              C. ingredient               D. benefit       

5. A. original               B. geography               C. imperial                   D. stimulating

6. A. accent                 B. mistake                   C. global                      D. rusty

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

7. After ten minutes, _________the spaghetti until there is no water left. Then place the pasta into a large bowl.

A. drain                       B. boil                         C. fry                           D. bake

8. My little brother is three. He eats with_________plastic spoon.

A. some                       B. any                          C. a                              D. an

9. Fish is good for the brain. If you don't eat fish, your memory__________ get worse.

A. can                          B. must                        C. could                      D. should

10. Your body uses calcium to build healthy bones and teeth, __________them strong as you age.

A. remain                    B. care                         C. continue                  D. keep

11. If children don't play sports, they _________sleepy and tired.

A. would feel              B. will feel                  C. would have felt      D. had felt

12. Another feature in northern cuisine is in winter all family members gather around a big hotpot _________there is a combination of seasoned broth, vegetables and meats.

A. which                     B. in which                  C. what                       D. when

13. If you pay a visit to Hue, you should once visit Lang Co beach where you can have the most relaxing time and admire the natural beauty of__________.

A. views                      B. panoramas             C. sights                      D. landscapes

14. Eight o'clock is __________ good time to phone Nick: he's always at home in _________evening.

A. Փ– the                    B. a – the                     C. a - Փ                       D. a – an

15. In Con Dao, there are green __________ of forests and fresh meadows and the houses with red roofs, which forms the picture of nature with bright colours.

A. lands                       B. regions                    C. wilderness              D. stretches

16. Would you go to his party if he __________ you?

A. invites                     B. invited                    C. will invite               D. would invite

17. Nam Dinh province, __________my uncle lives, often has hurricanes.

A. when                      B. where                      C. which                      D. that

18. It's an important part of your cultural identity to keep your ________in speaking English.

A. vocabulary              B. language                 C. accent                     D. skill

19. Much __________comes through body language and gesture.

A. talk                         B. exchange                C. speech                     D. communication

20. Try to __________the meaning of words rather than going straight for your dictionary.

A. judge                      B. guess                       C. decide                     D. expect

V. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Mui Ne is located 24 kilometres northeast of Phan Thiet city. It is a fishing village as well as a familiar tourism area in Binh Thuan province. (21)_________ lovely scenery of swaying coconut trees, Mui Ne, meaning "sheltered peninsula”, is one of the famous and popular holiday (22) _________ in the world with 15-kilometre strip of resorts along the beach.

Thanks to the shallow and slopped beaches, the blue and clean water, nice sun rarely behind the clouds and cliffs battered by the waves of the sea, sometimes Mui Ne is (23) _________ Hawaii of Viet Nam. The beaches are fantastic with activities such as surfing and kitesurfing. But the most (24) _________ scenery at Mui Ne is moving lines of golden sand which is called "Sand Dunes" by local people. The sand is always moving because of the wind and looks like moving waves from afar and that is (25) _________the dunes never look like the same. The scenery is more fascinating at dawn. Mui Ne is really a good wonder for those who are interested in photography.

21. A. For                    B. With                       C. Through                  D. In

22. A. destinations      B. places                      C. camps                     D. seasons

23. A. regarded           B. found                      C. judged                    D. considered

24. A. attraction          B. attracted                 C. attractive                D. attracting

25. A. reason               B. the reason               C. reason why             D. the reason why

VI. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

A World of Sausage

All over the world, all different cultures created interesting processed meat products, and one of the most popular is undoubtedly sausage.

To begin with, sausage making may be considered disgusting as it deals with using various animal parts. Since meat is ground up, certain cuts and parts of an animal that wouldn't be served in their original forms can be used. Literally, this means animal parts such as noses, ears, and other less appetizing areas of an animal's body. Very often, the ground up meat and flesh is mixed with a certain percentage of fat, along with spices and other fillers. After being mixed well, this meat mixture is then stuffed into the cleaned intestines of the animal, which are then sealed at both ends. The result is sausage.

The meats used in sausages come from a variety of animals, although beef and pork are by far the favourites. In some cultures, sausage made from the meat of horses is considered a delicacy. When sausages are cooked, the cooking process sometimes adds to the flavour. While boiling is probably the simplest method, smoking sausages will add a lot of smoky flavour.

Next time you bite into a sausage, it is probably best not to think too much about how it became the tasty thing you are eating. After all, you don't want to ruin a good snack.

26. Where is the mixture of meat placed?

A. Inside a plastic package.                            B. Inside a cleaned intestine.

C. Inside a refrigerator.                                   D. Inside a metal container.

27. What won't be served in their original forms?

A. Certain cuts and parts of animals.              B. Spices and fillers.

C. Sausages of all types.                                 D. Intestines of an animal.

28. What are by far the favourite meats for making sausages?

A. Chicken.                 B. Horse meat.            C. Cuts of lamb.          D. Beef and pork.

29. What is the simplest method of cooking sausages?

A. Grilling.                  B. Smoking.                C. Boiling.                   D. Baking.

30. What advice is given in the passage?

A. Be careful when making sausages.

B. Don't think too much about what you are eating when eating sausages.

C. Try not to use too much fat in the meat mixture when making sausages.

D. Make sure intestines are cleaned before packing with meat.

VII. Write the sentences with the same meaning to the first ones. Use words given.

31. You don’t drink enough water. You will feel tired. (If)


32. I have a friend. Her mum is a volunteer worker. (whose)


33. Big companies have logos so that their goods can be recognized in every nation.

If there weren't......................................................................

34. English/ widely used/ international communication/ everyday work.


--------------------THE END--------------------

Đề 2

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. versatile              B. slice                       C. sprinkle                   D. combine

2. A. package              B. stalagmite               C. lag                           D. safari

3. A. rusty                   B. punctual                  C. universal                 D. subject

II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.

4. A. avocado              B. ingredient               C. traditional               D. significant 

5. A. magnificence      B. accessible                C. affordable               D. destination

6. A. bilingual             B. dialect                     C. dominance              D. official

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

7. When you have finished preparing the vegetables, ___________them together with your hands.

A. stir                          B. mix                         C. chop                        D. cut

8. I want __________ sandwich with__________ herbs and spices.

A. some – some           B. a – some                 C. x – the                    D. the – x

9. Broccoli and tomatoes have a lot of vitamins and minerals. They___________ help us to stay healthy if we eat them regularly.

A. can                          B. must                        C. should                     D. need

10. If you eat too quickly, you may not _________ attention to whether your hunger is satisfied.

A. pay                         B. take                         C. keep                        D. show

11. If parents don't cook at home, their children __________more fast food.

A. have                        B. would have             C. may have                D. had had

12. Travelling to Ba Mun Island in Quang Ninh, tourists can explore on their own, following some natural _________ on the island.

A. trails                       B. marks                      C. roads                       D. stretches

13. Does it take __________long time to get to __________city centre?

A. x – the                    B. a – a                        C. a – the                     D. the – the

14. Green Tourism applies to any activity or facility that operates in an environmentally friendly__________.

A. way                                    B. habit                       C. routine                    D. benefit

15. I __________you translate this text into French if we had a dictionary.

A. will help                 B. would help             C. can help                  D. should help

16. I think doctors ________work in disaster areas are both unselfish and very brave.

A. who                                    B. which                      C. they                                    D. those

17. Reading is the best way to _________ your vocabulary in any language.

A. improve                  B. increase                   C. raise                        D. put up

18. He is not exactly rich but he certainly earns enough to_____________.

A. get through             B. get by                     C. get on                     D. get up

19. One way of increasing your speed of comprehension is to learn all your vocabulary without the use of your own_____________.

A. first language         B. technical language C. business language   D. official business

20. India is the country ___________he spent the early years of his life.

A. at which                 B. on which                 C. that                         D. where

IV. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

My Experience on an Elephant Safari

We went on an elephant safari at a place (21) __________Camp Jubalani in South Africa. They take visitors on safaris twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. Guests can go on as many rides as they like, but they don't (22) __________you ride an elephant if you are younger than twelve years old. Luckily, I'm fifteen! On our first safari, I felt really scared. I remember thinking we could have gone on a beach holiday instead! As I was climbing onto the elephant, I wondered how I was going to control (23) __________a big animal. I soon (24) __________ that I ought not to have worried so much. They made you sit with an experienced elephant trainer. You can't ride on your own. During the trek, we saw giraffes, zebras, lions, and rhinos. My parents took a lot of photos. I would have taken photos myself but I'd left my camera in my room. I can't remember exactly how long the safaris lasted, but it must have been a couple of hours because we got (25) __________ just in time for lunch.

21. A. call                    B. is called                  C. called                      D. calling

22. A. let                     B. make                       C. want                       D. allow

23. A. so                      B. such                        C. that                         D. what

24. A. decided              B. looked                    C. recognized              D. realized

25. A. back                  B. off                          C. up                           D. in

VI. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Insects on the Menu

Humans have a long history of eating insects, and it turns out that they can be a very nutritious part of a person's regular diet. Insects have a lot of protein, and they are often easier to catch than prey animals. Therefore, it is no wonder that when our ancient ancestors saw some tasty worms or grubs wiggling on the ground, they made a quick snack of them.

In Thailand, insects are a regular part of the street food that can be found. The different insects that people snack on are crickets, grasshoppers, giant water bugs, and assorted worms. They are often deep-fried and salted, so they have a crunchy texture that makes them a perfect snack food. If you can get past the fact that you are eating a cricket, it will crunch in your mouth just like a corn chip!

For a lot of people, however, it is difficult to get over the fear of eating insects. People tend to see insects as invaders, especially when they are crawling on the food that we are about to eat. Therefore, being able to eat insects without feeling disgusted is cultural. Some people cannot eat French cheese or stinky tofu because they weren't brought up doing so. To many of us, insects fall right into that category, making it difficult to even try them.

If given the chance, though, be courageous. Insects can be nutritious and tasty, so long as you can get over the "yuck” factor.

26. Which is the reason given for gathering and eating insects?

A. They are very easy to find close to the home.      

B. They are more nutritious than most vegetables.

C. They come in all shapes and sizes.

D. They are easier to catch than other prey animals.

27. Why are deep-fried insects considered a perfect snack food?

A. Because they taste exactly like corn chips.

B. Because they don't fill you up.

C. Because they have a crunchy texture.

D. Because they are not expensive.

28. Which insects are not mentioned in the passage?

A. Water bugs.            B. Grasshoppers.                     C. Beetles.                   D. Crickets.

29. According to the passage, where are insects a regular part of the street food?

A. France.                   B. Thailand.                            C. Britain.                   D. China.

30. What advice is given in the passage?

A. Be courageous.                                                       B. Eat very cautiously.                       

C. Try eating worms first.                                           D. Always cook your insects.

VII. Write the sentences with the same meaning to the first ones. Use words given.

31. Children eat a lot of sweets. They will have problems with their teeth. (If)


32. It is a camping shop. It has a lot of good equipment. (which)


33. Jim works very hard. He has no time to spend with his family. (didn’t)


34. most important/ goal/ speaking English/communicate.


--------------------THE END--------------------

Đề 3

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. sprinkle               B. drain                       C. tender                     D. garnish

2. A. imitate                B. translate                  C. phrase                     D. language

3. A. explore               B. exotic                      C. explain                    D. excuse

II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.

4. A. celery                  B. marinate                  C. versatile                  D. mayonnaise           

5. A. punctual             B. flexible                   C. openness                 D. specific

6. A. establishment     B. derivative               C. population              D. simplicity

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

7. You should___________the sauce you have prepared to be sure that it is not spicy.

A. taste                        B. cook                        C. touch                      D. smell

8. We haven't got__________ more bread. Would you like _________biscuits with your cheese?

A. any – any                B. any – some             C. some – any             D. some - some

9. Common eating habits that can lead to___________ are: eating too fast, eating when not hungry, eating while standing up, and skipping meals.

A. gain weight            B. weight gain             C. put on weight         D. be heavy

10. Despite the differences in cuisine of each region, there are similarities, such as the__________for main meals – rice, ways of adding fish sauce, herbs and other flavors.

A. staple                      B. basic                       C. foundation              D. necessity

11. If my mother goes home late this evening, my father________________.

A. will cook                B. would cook            C. had cooked             D. is cooking

12. For people in Cam Thanh Commune near Hoi An, the coconut wetlands provide fisheries, a beautiful area for __________as well as an ideal refuge for boats during heavy storms.

A. tourist                     B. tour                         C. tourism                   D. tour guide

13. What do you think of _________public transport in ___________Ha Noi?

A. x - x                       B. a – a                        C. a - x                                    D. the – x

14. __________is popular with tourist of young age because they travel with minimum luggage and on a limited budget.

A. Backpack               B. Backpacking           C. Backpacker             D. Go backpacking

15. We __________her if we had her address.

A. email                       B. will email                C. would email            D. should email

16. 2005 was the year __________there was a big earthquake in Indonesia.

A. which                     B. where                      C. who                                    D. when

17. When you _____________a new English word or phrase, make a note of it!

A. come across            B. come back              C. come into                D. come on

18. Trying to use a __________dictionary less and switching to a monolingual one can help you to stop translating in your head when you are speaking or listening.

A. biannual                  B. bicentenary             C. bi-monthly              D. bilingual

19. Are you someone who can read and write well in English but cannot speak ___________?

A. fluent                      B. fluently                   C. fluency                   D. a fluency

20. If you get __________when speaking, take two deep breaths before you say something.

A. annoyed                 B. nervous                   C. pleased                   D. unwilling

IV. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

English is the most important in the world today. A very large (21)________ of people understand and use English in many countries of the world.

Indeed English is a very useful language. If we speak English we can go to any place or country we like. We shall not find it hard to (22) ________people understand what we want to say.

English also helps us to learn all kinds of subjects. Hundreds of books are published in English every day in many countries to teach people many useful things. The English language has, (23)__________, helped to spread ideas and knowledge to all the corners of the world. There is no subject that cannot be taught in English.

As English is used so much everywhere in the world, it has helped to make the countries in the world friendlier. The leaders of the world use English (24) ________one another. The English language has also helped to spread better understanding and friendship among countries of the world.

Lastly, a person who knows English is respected by people. It is for all these (25) ________that I want to learn English.

21. A. few                   B. deal                         C. amount                   D. number

22. A. get                    B. let                           C. persuade                 D. make

23. A. however           B. therefore                 C. athough                  D. otherwise

24. A. understand       B. understanding        C. to understand         D. understood

25. A. reasons             B. causes                     C. effects                    D. results

V. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Free and Easy

In the past, getting recipes and cooking tips was a complicated process. A person had to go to the store and buy a cook book, or get recipes from friends. Fortunately, the Internet has changed all that. Now, if you want to find a recipe for lasagne or Cobb salad, you just search online. It couldn't be simpler.

Cooking blogs are a great source of information because they are free and there are so many of them. They are also nice because they give all different kinds of ideas. The problems with blogs is that because we don't know who is writing them, we need to use with caution. When you are looking at a new blog, you don't know if the writer knows what he or she is talking about.

We'd like to introduce two popular cooking blogs. The first is called Smitten Kitchen. This website is run by a family living in New York City. It focuses on food that doesn't require many ingredients. If you want to make food that is simple but wonderful, then this is the site for you. It offers hundreds and hundreds of recipes, divided into categories. You will be amazed at how many there are.

Wednesday Chef is another great cooking blog. It is run by a writer who lives in Berlin. This blog also offers many recipes, along with recommendations for great restaurants in Berlin, and advice for people who want to start their own blogs. Wednesday Chef has great pictures of its food, as well as interesting pictures of Berlin. The blog got its name because in the past, newspapers published their food articles on Wednesdays.

There are a lot of cooking blogs on the Internet, and most of them are pretty good. Go online and check some of them out. You might be surprised at how much they can help you improve your cooking.

26. How did Wednesday Chef get its name?

A. The writer only posts recipes on Wednesdays.

B. The writer only cooks on Wednesdays.

C. The writer was born on a Wednesday.

D. Newspapers used to publish food articles on Wednesdays.

27. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of cooking blogs?

A. There are many of them.                            B. Everyone who writes them is an expert.

C. They are free.                                             D. They give a lot of different ideas.

28. Who runs the blog Smitten Kitchen?

A. A family in New York.                              B. A woman in New York.

C. A family in Berlin.                                     D. A woman in Berlin.

29. What does the passage say about Smitten Kitchen?

A. It only gives recipes on Italian food.         B. It focuses on simple recipes.

C. It only offers a few recipes.                       D. Most of the food on that blog is hard to make.

30. Why should we be careful when we are looking at new blogs?

A. We don't know who the writers are.

B. Most new blogs are terrible.

C. The recipes on new blogs are usually hard to make.

D. They charge you some fees to get the recipes.

VI. Write the sentences with the same meaning to the first ones. Use words given.

31. You don’t sleep eight hours every night. You will feel moody. (If)


32. The rescue operation was arranged by a charity organisation. It was a success. (which)


33. People in the world don't speak the same language, so there are problems in communication. (spoke)


34. In universities/ colleges/ English-speaking countries/ primary language/ instruction/ English.


--------------------THE END--------------------

Đề 4

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. garnish                B. slice                      C. dip                          D. grill

2. A. delay                  B. magnificent            C. bank                        D. travel

3. A. massive               B. immersion             C. establish                  D. rusty

II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.

4. A. cucumber            B. delicious                 C. tomato                    D. nutritious   

5. A. stalagmite           B. holiday                   C. excursion                D. pyramid

6. A. accent                 B. factor                      C. blobal                      D. erode

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

7. I'm sorry, we haven't got_________ hot food, but we've got ________sandwiches if you're hungry.

A. any – any                B. any – some             C. some – some           D. some - any

8. Keeping a ___________for a few days will help you discover your bad eating habits.

A. diary                       B. personal                  C. food diary              D. report

9. If you eat a lot of fruit, you ____________health problems.

A. have                        B. will have                 C. had                         D. will never have

10. You_________the mixture of water, flour, yolk and sugar when you want to make a cake. This mixture is called a dough.

A. whisk                      B. boil                         C. bake                        D. stir

11. In Binh Ba Island (Lobster Island), there are many beautiful beaches with white sand, clear water, blue sky, which is __________for those who love nature and calmness.

A. available                 B. famous                    C. good                       D. suitable

12. Parking is very difficult in ________city centre, so my father always go there by _________bus.

A. the – x                    B. the – the                 C. a – a                                    D. a – x

13. Nature-loving tourists, who love to go green like traveling to Bonita Gardens in Bloemfontein South Africa or similar destinations are called__________.

A. eco-tours                B. tour guides                         C. eco-tourists             D. nature-lovers

14. If I _________the answer, I wouldn't need to ask.

A. have                        B. had                         C. am having               D. has had

15. Mai is the girl _________mother is an architect.

A. who                                    B. whose                     C. which                      D. that

16. In a class, this is a great opportunity to learn about different customs and__________traditions around the world.

A. multilingual            B. multi-disciplinary   C. multi-dimensional D. multinational

17. No one ever improves pronunciation and ___________by watching someone else's shape of the mouth! You improve English speaking by speaking, not watching.

A. rhythm                    B. tone                                    C. accent                     D. sounds

18. There was a storm ___________I had never experienced before.

A. such as                    B. as which                 C. which                      D. for which

19. One special feature of cuisine in Southern Vietnam is short cooking time which aims to__________the freshness of food.

A. protect                    B. remain                     C. save                                    D. store

20. Drinking enough water is a vital part ___________it keeps your body functioning properly.

A. but                          B. although                 C. because                   D. or

IV. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

A Healthy Life?

 Many health experts believe that children and young people today are more (21) _________ than they used to be. So why has this happened?

One reason is bad eating habits. Lots of young people don't have a healthy diet. They eat too much fast food (22) _________ hamburgers and pizza and not enough fruit and vegetables. In the US, many children (23)_________ fast food regularly since they were very young. In fact, almost one-third of American children aged four to nineteen have been eating fast food nearly all the time. They also don't (24) _________ exercise and spend too much of their time watching TV, surfing the Internet or playing computer games.

So how can you change your habits if you have been following an unhealthy lifestyle for a long time? First, change your (25) _________ and eat more fruit and vegetables. Next, find an activity you enjoy. Why not try something different like rock climbing, surfing or hiking? Many young people have found that becoming fit and healthy can be a lot of fun.

21. A. healthy                         B. healthily                  C. unhealthy                D. unhealthily

22. A. such                  B. includes                  C. like                          D. as

23. A. eat                    B. have eaten              C. ate                           D. had eaten

24. A. play                  B. make                       C. do                           D. bring

25. A. menu                B. ingredients              C. recipes                    D. diet

VI. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Taking a Working Holiday

One of the most difficult things young people face when they want to travel is the lack of funds. During summer holidays and possibly at weekends, they are able to take on part-time jobs, but the money they make is just a drop in the bucket of what they need to travel far away. For example, traveling to Australia from Viet Nam can be quite expensive just for an airline ticket, and to a lot of students wanting to travel, it can seem out of reach.

For students wanting to travel to Australia and New Zealand in particular, however, they are in luck. Although many countries offer working holidays, these two countries are well - known for offering them. When a young person signs up to get a working holiday visa, he only pays for the round-trip airfare to get to either place and only needs to carry some extra cash for incidentals. Once he is there, a job awaits where he can earn some money.

Many of the jobs require little or no experience, such as picking fruit or working in a busy pub out in the countryside. Some of the jobs require more experience that most people are unlikely to have, such as being a certified welder to work for eight weeks on a farm. That shouldn't discourage you, though, because there is always something to be found if you search hard enough.

There are many websites that advertise working holidays in Australia and New Zealand. If you have the courage and are looking for a way to make a little money and see the world, it might be just the ticket you were looking for.

26. What can seem out of reach for young people?

A. Being able to find a part-time job.                         B. Being able to travel.

C. Being able to get time off from school.                 D. Being able to earn money.

27. Which students are in luck according to the passage?

A. The ones who want to go to Australia and New Zealand.

B. The ones who have part-time jobs.

C. The ones who have airline tickets.

D. The ones who are on holiday.

28. Where can people find working holidays advertised?

A. In magazines.         B. On the radio.          C. In travel guidebooks.         D. On the Internet.

29. According to the passage, which statement is true?

A. Some working holidays are not paid.

B. People on working holidays must be from Australia or New Zealand.

C. A young person needs a special visa to go on a working holiday.

D. Picking fruit is the only job available for young people on working holidays.

30. Why would a student NOT want to take a working holiday?

A. To earn money.      B. To show how fearful he is.             C. To see the world.    D. To visit a new place.

VII. Write the sentences with the same meaning to the first ones. Use words given.

31. My uncle is a fire fighter. He visited us last weekend. (who)     


32. We don't have a big house. We can't invite friends to stay. (had)


33. John will be at work. He won’t go with us. (If)


34. Although/ speaking English fast/ make/ you/ sound/ native speaker/it/ make/ other people/ difficult/ understand you.


--------------------THE END--------------------

Đề 5

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. spread                 B. cream                      C. bread                      D. head

2. A. exotic                 B. erode                      C. checkout                 D. decision

3. A. variety                B. bilingual                  C. derivative               D. dialect

II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.

4. A. breathtaking       B. safari                       C. traveller                  D. sightseeing

5. A. curry                   B. garnish                    C. gravy                      D. shallot

6. A. dominance          B. bilingual                  C. official                    D. confusion

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

7. You may have had certain eating habits for so long that you do not __________they are unhealthy.

A. recognize                B. realize                     C. understand                         D. tell

8. You___________vegetables or fruits when you want to eat them. It means that you cut away their skin.

A. peel                         B. chop                        C. steam                      D. grate

9. Such__________as sugar, sugarcane, and coconut water are mostly used in Southern Vietnamese food than in Northern and Central Viet Nam.

A. dishes                     B. courses                    C. ingredients              D. menus

10. If I feel hungry in the afternoon, I__________ snacks like fresh carrots.

A. would have            B. had                         C. had had                  D. may have

11. _________domestic and foreign tourism will create demand for additional hotels and motels.

A. Increase                  B. Increased                C. Increasing               D. Increasingly

12. Con Dao has not only prisons but also __________natural landscapes.

A. surprising                B. shocking                 C. stunning                  D. extreme

13. There isn't _________airport near where I live.__________nearest airport is 70 miles away.

A. an – A                    B. an – The                  C. the – A                   D. the – The

14. If the rooms were bigger, we _________larger furniture.

A. will buy                  B. bought                    C. would buy              D. had bought

15. A snake or a spider is the animal_________ she'd like to keep as a pet.

A. where                     B. what                       C. that                         D. when

16. Practice is the perfect way, _________ the matter is that how we practise it correctly.

A. but                          B. and                         C. and                         D. so

17. This is a great way to practise ___________because you only need to concentrate on your voice.

A. grammar                 B. pronunciation         C. vocabulary              D. writing       

18. We should do interesting activities in English, and using it to talk about things we enjoy will make practising a __________experience.

A. negative                  B. awful                      C. funny                      D. positive

V. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

The survey of eating habits was (19)_________ in Ho Chi Minh City by a group of Japanese nutritionists in order to understand the changes of eating environments and habits accompanying with the economic growth after the war in Viet Nam.

The surveys were made in 2002 and 2006. In the survey in 2002, the Vietnamese surely took three meals a day without taking any snacks. They mainly took (20)_________ like rice, bread, noodles and some vegetables. But the (21) _________of oils and fats and milk products was rare. It is like (22)________ of Japan in several decades ago.

In the survey in 2006, the changes in eating habits were observed. (23) _________the rising of their concern on eating, they rarely took food late at night. The variety and frequency of food was increased. The intake (24)_________ snacks was also increased. These changes are (25) _________to have been caused by the change in their attitude towards eating due to the change in lifestyle and those changes had been observed in Japan. More rapidly, however, they were in Viet Nam.

19. A. behaved            B. carried                    C. conducted              D. made

20. A. basics                B. proteins                   C. staples food            D. staples

21. A. processes          B. intake                      C. production              D. amount

22. A. that                   B. what                       C. those                       D. which

23. A. Together with   B. Because                  C. Despite                   D. Due to

24. A. in                      B. of                            C. on                           D. with

25. A. thought             B. found                      C. considered              D. regarded

VI. Read the passage and identify whether the statements are true (T), or false (F).

Son Doong Cave in Viet Nam - Good Morning America

Son Doong Cave and Swallow Cave (En Cave) were recorded and broadcast on Good Morning America - a programme of ABC Television (USA). By being broadcast on Good Morning America (ABC Television), Son Doong Cave would be introduced widely to international travellers.

This is a good chance for Quang Binh tourism to promote the image of Son Doong – the biggest cave in Viet Nam – to travellers around the world. Therefore, the film crew worked in the most favourable conditions. The programme was directly broadcast on satellite in May 2015.

The cave is a part of the underground system connecting over 150 other caves in Viet Nam near Viet Nam - Lao border with many caves such as Phong Nha Cave.

Son Doong Cave is compared equally to Mount Everest in terms of attraction. The biggest natural cave in the world is appreciated to be an interesting destination for a several-day tour, including exploring underground rivers, caves and camping... The overwhelming natural landscapes inside Son Doong Cave create an attraction by majestic and magnificent scenes. It takes months to end up a cave's round. In addition, the condition to join tours in Son Doong Cave is extremely high. Adventurers must be in good mental and physical health to conquer the cave. Son Doong, the biggest cave in Viet Nam, along with other attractions in Quang Binh, is an attractive destination for travelers, especially those who are fans of natural exploration. The first exploration tour was held in early August 2013. The first tour consisted of 6 people from the US, Russia, Australia, and Norway. They underwent 7 days and 6 nights to explore Son Doong Cave. There are a large number of tourists registering for next tours since then.

26. Thanks to the programme of Good Morning America on ABC Television, a large number of people around the world will know Son Doong Cave. 

27. The film crew making the programme about the cave met a lot problems from the local authorities. 

28. There are many caves in Quang Binh province but Son Doong Cave may be the most well known. 

29. The number of people climbing Mount Everest is the same as that exploring Son Doong Cave. 

30. The exploration tour of Son Doong Cave is so hard that it requires tourists to have good physical and mental health. 

VII. Write the sentences with the same meaning to the first ones. Use words given.

31. We won’t eat fruits and vegetables. We will have health problems. (If)


32. Nick is my classmate. I've known him for a long time. (who)


33. We leave a bit too late, so we can't visit Vy on the way. (left)


34. Think/ English/ thing you/ practice/ all/ time/ because it/ really important/ when/ speak/ English.


--------------------THE END--------------------

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