Đề số 4 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 11 mới

Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Đề số 4 - Tiếng Anh 11 mới

Đề bài


Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

Question 1.

A. confident                    B.  important

C.  together                    D.  exciting

Question 2.

A. curfew                        B.  conflict

C.  control                       D.  homestay

Question 3.

A. charity                        B.  talented

C.  dominate                   D.  contribute

Choose the word which is pronounced different from that of the others.

Question 4.

A. childcare                    B.  privacy

C.  mature                     D.  elegant

Question 5.

A. compassion                 B.  progress

C.  discussion                  D.  pressure

Question 6.

A. achievement               B.  appearance

C.  enthusiastic               D.  initiative


Choose the best answer to complete each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part.

Question 7. The impact of hearing …………… can cause delays in receiving learning material.

A. missing                    B.  removal

C.  loss ܆                       D.  theft

Question 8. Many volunteers have taken part in our programme since the campaign was launched. The underlined word has the CLOSEST meaning to_________.

A. introduced                  B.  broadcast

C.  produced                   D.  instructed

Question 9. ............. is  a group of countries or parties with similar political interests.

A. Association                 B.  Motto

C.  Bloc                            D.  Constitution

Question 10. In developing countries, there are many children ................. cognitive impairments.

A. in                             B.  with

C.  of                            D.  about

Question 11. .............. is a word or group of words often used in campaigns to attract people's attention.

A. Involve                      B.  Support 

C.  Charter                     D.  Slogan

Question 12. If you are _______, you are capable of doing or deciding by yourself, rather than depending on other people for help.

A. well-informed                  B.  determined

C.  self-reliant                      D.  reliable

Question 13. You need to read newspapers and watch the news to keep ________on current topics.

A. reliable                      B.  well-informed

C.  decisive                    D.  independent

Question 14. He __________ what you have criticized, simply because he was with me at the time.

A. can't have done                  B.  can't do

C.  mightn't have done            D.  won't do

Question 15. Oil________ if you pour it on water

A. floated                               B.  float

C.  will be floated                   D.  floats

Question 16. I have already shopped for food twice this week, so I _________do it today.

A. don't need                   B.  don't have to

C.  ought not                    D.  must not do

Question 17. We ________English this time last week.

A. learned                         B.  were learning

C.  have learned               D.  had learned

Question 18. My father used to _____ me to the zoo when we _____ in the city.

A. take - lived

B.  taking - were living 

C.  took - had lived

D.  taking - lived

Question 19. Micheal ______ an actor  many years ago.

A. is said to be

B.  is said to have been

C.  was said have been

D.  was said being

Question 20. I can watch TV and play computer games on Sunday because I ……..go to school that day.

A. mustn’t                  B.  shouldn’t 

C.  don’t need            D.  don’t have to

Error Identification.

Question 21. When conflicts happen (A), we sit together and discuss (B). We need understanding (C) each other (D) better.

Question 22. Friends advised her to stop (A) doing (B ) the housework (C) because (D) her old age.

Question 23. The (A) heavy rain made it (B) possible (C) for us to (D) have our picnic.


Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson have two children, Lara 10 and Peter is 16. Mrs. Nelson first discovered that Peter was getting into trouble when school rang her to say that he hadn’t turned up that day, or the day before. She realized right away that he had been truanting.

Peter's behaviour was causing conflict in the house and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson were both concerned. They had different views of how they should deal with Peter's behaviour and this led to rows that upset the whole family. They decided to prevent Peter from going out with hifriends, but this just made him more stubborn and he would continue to miss school and stay outside his curfew.

 Over the coming weeks, family life became more and more difficult. Mr. and Mrs. felt that they could no longer do this on their own and asked the school to help. The arranged for Peter to talk to someone he trusted, and they made an agreement for him gradually attending school again. He was also given some time to catch up with the work he had missed.

As he started to talk it through, Peter realized that he had been unhappy at school for a while. He admitted that he had felt lonely since his best friend moved away and another group had persuaded him to skip school. As he missed more and more school, it became harder to go back.

Peter was encouraged to tell his parents how much he missed his friend and that he to spend time with his dad playing football or fishing. Mr. Nelson thought he had grown out of that a long time ago but was pleased to spend time with Peter again.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson tried to notice every day when Peter achieved his goal of attending being on time and remembering to do his homework. It took a little longer for Peter's friendship to return to normal and Peter has had to learn to prove himself trustworthy to his parents , but gradually Mr. and Mrs. Nelson are learning to trust Peter again.

Question 24. The conflict in the Nelsons was due to the fact that                 .

A. Peter had been truanting at school.

B.  Peter was getting into trouble at school.

C.  they paid too much attention to Lara.

D.  they didn't agree on the solution to Peter's problem.

Question 25. When Mr. and Mrs. Nelson applied severe punishment to Peter              .

A. Peter stopped going out with his friends

B.  it had no effect and made the situation worse

C.  he missed his friends and stayed outside his curfew

D.  the family didn't know how to deal with his behaviour

Question 26. The school applied all the following things to help Peter EXCEPT that                    .

A. they helped the Nelsons solve the problem on their own

B.  they agreed to allow him to come back to school

C. they helped him to catch up with his study

D.  they tried to make his communication with his friends better.

Question 27. The reason why Peter got into trouble was that                   .

A. it became harder for him to miss school

B.  he couldn't talk about his problem at home and at school

C.  some of his friends had negative impact on him             

D.  he wanted to move away with his best friend

Question 28. The best solution to Peter's problem was that                   .

A. he went fishing with his dad again

B.  the school and family have helped and trusted him

C.  he could do his homework and go to school on time

D.  it took him a longtime to have normal friendship again


Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words in brackets.

Question 29. The school also supplies talking book .............. (produce)

Question 30. In addition, Vietnamese .............. massage courses are provided for blind adults in the city. (tradition)

Question 31. Those  .............. children have many problems and they really need our help. ( advantage )

Question 32. There are more and more youngsters who are ............... in doing volunteer work ( interest )

Rewrite the following sentences using the words given

Question 33. It was unneccessary for us to work overtime yesterday because we still had a lot of time for our project.

⟹ We ………………………………………

Question 34. Bringing food there was unneccessary because we didn’t know that there were lots of foodstalls there.

⟹ We needn’t ……………………………………

Question 35. Don’t expect that everybody will understand you. It’s unreasonable.

=> It’s …………………………………………


Naomi talks about her daily life in middle school.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

Question 36. What grade is she in?

 A. 5th                          B. 6th

Question 37. What subject does she NOT mention?

A. History                   B. Computers

Question 38. When does she start school?

A. Before 9                 B. After 9

Question 39. What does she usually do for lunch?

A. buy her lunch         B. bring her lunch

Question 40. What are in roast dinners?

 A. meat and vegetables

 B.  pizza and chips

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1 A Question 21 C
Question 2 C Question 22 D
Question 3 D Question 23 C
Question 4 A Question 24 D
Question 5 B Question 25 B
Question 6 C Question 26 A
Question 7 C Question 27 C
Question 8 A Question 28 B
Question 9 C Question 29  
Question 10 B Question 30  
Question 11 D  Question 31  
Question 12 C  Question 32  
Question 13 B  Question 33  
Question 14 A  Question 34  
Question 15 D  Question 35  
Question 16 B  Question 36 B
Question 17 B  Question 37 B
Question 18 A  Question 38 B
Question 19 B  Question 39 B
Question 20 D  Question 40 A

Question 29. products

Question 30. traditional

Question 31. disadvantaged

Question 32. interested

Question 33. We didn’t need to work overtime yesterday because we still had a lot of time for our project.

Question 34. We needn’t have brought food because there were lots of foodstalls there.

Question 35. It’s unreasonable to expect that everybody will understand.